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We traveled from Omagh, Northern Ireland to Navan on Saturday. Ragu has wealth of knowledge particularly with children affected by brain and spine conditions. We have seen many many professionals in the past but no one has been able to help us like Ragu has. The session was exactly what we needed and more. We left with not only a range of stretches, exercises and ideas but also with positivity and enthusiasm for the future. We are looking forward to our next session already! Thank you Ragu x
Mrs Cathy -Co. Omagh, Northern Ireland 

We have had two sessions with Ragu and the progress my baby son has made already is unbelievable. When we first went to see Ragu, my son was 8 months and still not sitting, having been diagnosed with CP at 7 months. Within a few minutes Ragu had him sitting for a few seconds unsupprted and gave us a load of exercises to do at home to strengthen him. Within two weeks my son was sitting unsupported for long periods at a time and now is confident and strong enough to get around by bum shuffling. Last weekend we went back, and my son was able to weight bear with support but his little legs were too stiff to manage a step. Again, within minutes Ragu had him stepping forward (with support) and gave us a load of new exercises to do with him at home to practice and stregthen. Havinv already attended other physios in Dublin i can safely say that I credit noone but Ragu and my son himself for his amazing progress since feb. Ragu's holisitic approach leaves no stone unturned and his knowlege of CP is invaluable. Added to this is his genuine kindness towards my two sons (twin boys, i bring both to the sessions).

As a mom, the diagnosis of CP scared me as i do not want a difficult life for either of my boys but now thanks to Ragu i know that CP is not going to define what my son can or cant do. Rather, by working woth Ragu we are now defining the extent that CP will effect his life by means of early intervention in the form of Ragu's exercises. Cannot recommend him enough.

(As a side note, it took alot for me to put this on fb as i havent yet posted anything about my sons diagnosis but i feel that we were just so fortunate to find out about Ragu so early, so if there are any moms out there whos kids needs need specialist physio, bring them to Ragu. Itll be the best thing you can do for your child)

Marie Checkmodine-Chatuoa-Dublin

Started taking my daughter here in the last few weeks on a recommendation from a Fb cerebral palsy group . Within 3 sessions we have learned a wealth of stretches , workouts and manoeuvres and not to mention knowledge to help Zoe get ahead and get in front of her disability , that no one else had touched on in the last 5 months. I 100% believe Ragu will be a massive part of every milestone Zoe achieves as we push to get her achieving her full potential . Can’t say enough good things about what we take from his sessions 

Eamon Murphy-Dundalk, Co.Louth

My son had a brilliant first session with Ragu who definitely knows his staff and so dedicated to his job. He was brilliant dealing with my son who isn't very easy to work with. Highly recommend to anyone and definitely coming back for another session. Thanks Ragu.

Angelika Manning, Ballinosloe , Co.Galway

Brought my son to raghu today , it was a brilliant session highly intelegent and professional ,i learned alot about my son that i didnt no ,and he thought me what excercises to do to help my son at home ,il defnetly be back 😊

Tanya Jennings, Dublin 

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