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Welcome to Brain & Spine Physiotherapy Clinic

  We are Chartered Physiotherapists specialized in treating  children and adults with specific condition or disorders . Our aim is to bring maximum potential in function through appropriate assessment  and consistent intervention to children and adults with specific needs. Our mission is to provide the highest quality of physical therapy and rehabilitation care to each of our patient in a compassionate, effecient, effective and personalized manner.We are commited to assist our patient's needs to help them live,work and play with greater confidence and ease.

Paediatrics (0 - 18 years)

     For Children who face physical challenges, long term disabilities or injuries, our physio offers an opportunity for life changing process.


  If you would like to discuss your goals, hopes and the challenges you and your child are facing, we offer a range of therapeutic intervention and the ways we can help your child. Feel free to contact us to arrange for an appointment.


      Physiotherapy in Adult  is to restore, maintain and improve a person’s movements, posture, to increase physical endurance, to diminish pain and to ease the pace of chronic diseases. This usually involves a comprehensive assessment and development of an individual treatment plan in consultation with the patient.


      To know more about us please click on the following link or pages.

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